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Here are some frequently asked questions for our Boston plumber. If you have any other questions about our Boston heating or plumbing services, feel free to call!

Q: I plan on doing some remodeling. Can you advise me on what fixtures and appliances perform the best?
A: Yes, all good mechanics in my field know the products intimately simply because we service them. This is an excellent question. Do yourself a huge service by asking your service people to name specific products that perform, You will be glad you did.

Q: What low flush toilet would you recommend?
A: When they first came out, only TOTO. Now, most all are good provided you get a flush factor of 10. My favorite is the Kohler Wellington. It has traditional style and is a good value.

Q: My disposal is broken. Is there anything I can do myself to fix it.
A: Yes, call me right away and I can probably talk you through it over the phone.

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FAQs About Boston Heating and Plumbing

Q: My heat doesn’t seem to be working as well as it use to. I also hear a sound in the pipes that sounds like tricking water.
A: You have air in your heating pipes. There are a number of different causes. This will require a service call. My advice on boilers is look but don’t touch, with one exception. Turn off the electric to the boiler and call a professional.

Q: My toilet is running while I haven’t used it.
A: This is a leakage of water from the tank to the bowl. Call your Boston plumber today and make this repair a priority. If you don’t, you may be in for a shocking water bill.

Q: My water heater is making a rumbling or crackling sound. Should I be concerned?
A: Yes, this is most likely a collection of sediment on the bottom of the heater and the heater needs to be properly flushed. To ignore this would cause the current efficiency to drop greatly and shorten the life of the heater. Flushing should be done once a year. This requires a service call but, the procedure can be easily taught. I will show you step by step so that you don’t damage your heater.

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